Niagara Gazette

November 19, 2012

Another Black Friday deal: Our Lady Peace

Thom Jennings
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — After a long day of shopping for Black Friday deals, you can check out a band that has built a solid reputation in this area as one of the premier live acts from Canada. Our Lady Peace returns to the region for a 7:30 p.m. show Friday at the Rapids Theatre located at 1711 Main St. in Niagara Falls.

Our Lady Peace formed in Toronto in 1994. Their national recording debut, “Naveed,” debuted in Canada in March of 1994, and a year later in the United States. On the tour to promote their debut, Our Lady Peace landed a coveted opening slot on Van Halen’s “Balance” tour and opened for Page and Plant on select dates.

The next few years would see the band’s star rise, with releases like “Clumsy,” in 1997, which contained one of the band’s signature hits, “Superman’s Dead.” That was followed up by “Happiness … Is Not a Fish You Can Catch,” in 1999, the same year Our Lady Peace performed at Woodstock 1999, and the conceptual album “Spiritual Machine.”

In 2002, Our Lady Peace released “Gravity,” an album that achieved international success for the band, due in large part to the radio friendly singles “Somewhere Out There” and “Innocent.”

The follow up in 2005, entitled “Healthy in Paranoid Times,” continued the bands direction towards a more commercial sound and took over a year to complete.

Ironically, during the recording of “Healthy in Paranoid Times,” the band was anything but healthy, and lead singer Raine Maida admitted later that the band nearly broke up after they recorded the album. Even though Our Lady Peace remained together, they went on an extended hiatus until 2009, when they released “Burn Burn.”

Shortly before the release of “Burn Burn,” Our Lady Peace mad a historic stop in Lockport on July 3, 2009. The concert remains one of the largest attended shows in Lockport, and in the five years that I have covered the series is the only one I remember where security stopped letting people into the free concert because it was so crowded.

Lead singer Raine Maida was visibly moved by the size of the crowd and their reception to the band, telling the massive crowd “Oh my God, I think we’re in heaven,” and later jumping into the crowd during the bands three encores.

The following year, on July 2, 2010, Our Lady Peace returned to Lockport for another legendary show. Although it did not have nearly the emotional impact or quite as large a crowd, the band performed another legendary show in Lockport, proving they had returned for good.

Over the last few years Our Lady Peace has remained active, performing classic album shows including a two night stopover at the Riviera Theatre in North Tonawanda. They also returned to the free concert stage in Niagara Falls at the Hard Rock concert series in July of last year.

In April of this year Our Lady Peace performed at Club Infinity in Clarence in support of their “Curve,” album. The reinvigorated Our Lady Peace has been mixing up their set lists of late and receiving universally positive reviews.

If you went to one of the free outdoor shows over the last few years, Friday’s show will give you a chance to enjoy Our Lady Peace in a far more intimate setting.