Niagara Gazette

October 2, 2012

Salt Peter plan's CD release party Oct. 12 in Lewiston

By Mia Summerson
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — After more than a decade of writing, local band Salt Peter are gearing up for the release of their sophomore album, Ameraka, which will come out Oct. 12 and is their first album since 2000.

Salt Peter formed in the late 90s with members hailing from all corners of Western New York. They have since come a long way. Their on-again off-again career has seen them through several record labels, multiple major cites and has had them playing with a number of national acts.

The new album has been in the making since the mid 2000s and most of their songs resulted spontaneously through jam sessions.

“ I would like something, and we would work on it and then for some reason it would just go away, and some things stuck,” said band member Robert Tweedie, who plays keyboards. “A lot of the finished creations, they were just jams.”

Salt Peter’s sound is a genre of it’s very own. A chaotic yet smooth mix or rock, funk, jazz and electronica.

“We like a lot of different kinds of music and listen to all kinds of stuff,” said Tweedie. “A lot of my favorite musicians, from the Beastie Boys to the Beatles to Tom Waits, none of those guys put records out where all the music is the same. I couldn’t imagine playing all heavy music all the time.”

“Our big thing is that there’s no rules and there never had been since day one,” added drummer Steve Puglisi. “Nothing is like, well we don’t do that, or that doesn’t sound right, it’s really just whatever happens.”

According to Anthony Aversa, the band’s singer and guitarist, the motivation to start working on their latest album came after winning WBNY’s battle of the bands competition in 2005.

“We won studio time,” Aversa said. “So we actually recorded “Funky Magazine”, “The Trade” and two other songs on this album, so that sort of got us moving to record again.”

According to Puglisi development on the new release moved slowly because he wasn’t always living in the area and often had to commute several hours to practice. However they always managed to get together at least once a year for a reunion show. This performance, for the release of Ameraka, will be Salt Peter’s first time performing since opening for the Guess Who in early July.

They have been featured on several local radio stations including WBNY, The Lake and 97 Rock. In the 2012 Buffalo Niagara Film Festival the music video for their song “Funky Magazine” won first runner-up and the video has received several hundred views on and on

In 2005 their first album entitled NaN03 was re-released worldwide by a German record label called B&3. They generated a bit of attention in Europe, Tweedie mentioned Romania as the country where they had the most popularity.

They had scheduled two European tours but both had to be cancelled, Aversa’s first son was born during the week they were originally supposed to tour, and later on when they rescheduled, his second son was born.

“The second time it wasn’t anything because obviously we weren’t supposed to tour Europe,” He said. “The first time was crushing, but the second time was laughable, we weren’t going over there.”

For now the members of Salt Peter say they are taking things as they come, aside from the CD release concert and the possibility of a Halloween show, they have no future plans. They also say that they are not looking for a new label because they feel they would rather be able to make music on their own terms.

While the CD release show is free to anyone, the band has a limited number of VIP tickets available for sale only at Jackson Music and Lewiston Music. The VIP tickets include copies of the German release of NaN03, a copy of the new album and two hours of open bar.

Tickets are selling out pretty quickly according to Aversa and will probably not be available at the door.

Salt Peter goes on at 9 p.m. on Oct. 12 at the Water Street Landing in Lewiston.