Niagara Gazette

July 25, 2013

Niagara Falls filmmaker to speak at Ontario event Saturday

By Michele DeLuca
Night & Day

Night & Day — Forget low-budget. Niagara Falls filmmaker Billly Horn calls himself a “no budget” filmmaker. 

Under the production name of Fuse Bomb Films, in the span of 14 days and on a budget of less than $3,000 he filmed a feature length movie titled “Regulators.” 

Horn is getting ready to head to Hamilton this weekend to speak on a panel of indepenedent filmmakers at the digital convention called ConBravo!, but he took a few moments to answer some questions about his latest film, “The Regulators.”

QUESTION: No budget? Billy, that’s impossible. You had to spend some money. How did you do it?

ANSWER: The majority of this film was shot on a tiny sound stage we built ourselves in our studio at the NACC, although we did also film on a horse farm in Grand Island for outdoor horse riding scenes. All of the actors were local and ranged in experience from newcomers to acting veterans such as Artie award winning actress Loraine O’Donnell. 


Q: Well, you actually spent a few thousand, right?

A: Yes, that was out of pocket between me, Doug Life, my partner, and RoseMary Lorenti, my assistant at Fuse Bomb Films. When we talk to people who have done low-budget films they spend upward of $500,000 and when we tell them we made one for $3,000 they laugh at us because that’s no budget to them.


Q: What was the biggest challenge you faced?

A: We filmed our movie, due to a terrible scheduling conflict, simultaneously as Troma was filming “Nukem High” at the same time in the same building at the NACC (Niagara Arts and Cultural Center). That was awful. We tried to work around them. They were spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. But, something we could have filmed in five minutes in the hallway, we had to spend 16 hours building a set for in our room at the NACC. 


Q: So, now that the film is done, who is distributing it?

A: At one point we had attracted the attention of a Canadian distributor but after failing to reach a deal we moved forward with online distribution and since March 4 we have been releasing the movie episodically on in weekly increments. As the episodes come out, the popularity of “Regulators” has steadily increased and we have now been asked to appear at two different conventions this summer, the one this weekend in Hamilton and the other in Washington DC, InterventionCon next month.


Q: What’s the movie about?

A: The movie is a mixture of science fiction and wild west action loosely retelling the story of the Three Musketeers. It was written, shot and cast in Niagara Falls, although in this city it’s practically unknown. Most of our audience is coming from Canada or the mid-west and as far away as Italy. 


Q: Wow, Italian fans. That’s cool. But, you still are a Niagara Falls boy at heart, right?

A: We are very proud to have done nearly everything for this project in Niagara Falls and I’d just like a way to get more people in Niagara Falls to be aware of it, especially with the two conventions we are speaking at this summer.


Q: How can people see the movie. 

A: I invite them to visit the blip page at where episodes are posted, currently up to episode 10.


Q: Hopes for the future?

A: This is the biggest thing we at Fuse Bomb have ever tried and we succeeded.  We currently two days into an “IndieGogo campaign,” crowdfunding. Our plan is to film four movies over the next year-and-a-half and we’re going to also release them as web series. We’re only asking for $12,000. If anybody wants to contribute they can visit

IF YOU GO n WHAT: Panel discussion at ConBravo! with Niagara Falls independent filmmaker Billy Horn n WHERE: ConBravo! festival, featuring video, gaming and cosplay at the Hamilton Convention Centre, Hamilton, Ont. n WHEN: Friday through Sunday (Independent Filmmaker Panel is at 6 p.m. Saturday) n CONTACT: For more information visit