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April 29, 2013

Another Dem joining Legislature race

Staff reports
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Another name has been added to the list of Democrats looking to challenge incumbents in the Niagara County Legislature later this year.

In a press release issued Monday, David Naus, an electrical workers union president from the Town of Pendleton, announced plans to take on incumbent 11th District lawmaker Anthony Nemi in this year's election season. 

Naus, a registered Democrat, is president of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 237 and works for CIR Electrical. He has been a member of the union for 30 years and an officer for the last decade. The 11th District includes the towns of Pendleton and Lockport and a portion of the city of Lockport.

“Labor needs a voice in county government,” Naus said in a statement. “The people deserve more than favors for big business and the rampant cronyism and partisan games we now have in the legislature.” 

Naus said he wants to reform the Niagara County Industrial Development Agency to assure that projects getting big tax breaks hire local workers. 

“It makes no sense to give away tax dollars to companies hiring out of state workers to build their facilities,” Naus said. 

Naus cites his experience negotiating contracts for the local labor union as one of his strengths as a candidate. He also has served as a trustee for the pension and health care funds. 

“That experience gives me an understanding of the benefit issues county government faces and what we need to do to control costs,” Naus says.

Naus and his wife, Kimberly, each have three children and share nine grandchildren. He coached Little League baseball for 15 years and has worked with the Make-A-Wish foundation in Niagara Falls and Big Brothers and Big Sisters in Lockport.

Niagara County Democratic Chairman Nick Foster described Naus as “an excellent candidate with the kind of credentials we need in the legislature.

"Dave Naus has shown his dedication to the needs of working families on many levels," Forster continued. "He is a person with a track record of care and concern for his community. We need that voice in the legislature to get county government moving in the direction of helping people instead of catering to special interests.”

Naus joins a list of previously announced Democratic candidates who will attempt to unseat Republican incumbents in the legislature this year. Wilson Democratic Chairman Chris Srock previously announced plans to run against incumbent David Godfrey in the 10th District. 

Anthony Molinaro, who works as a vocational teacher, announced that he intends to take on incumbent 12th District lawmaker Richard Updegrove, who serves as majority leader in the Republican-controlled legislature.

“It's time we hold the line on taxes and stop draining revenue to line the pockets of a few businesses that give back little or anything," Naus said. "I believe a legislature focusing on the needs of the many and the contributions of labor can make a big difference in our lives.”