Niagara Gazette

March 12, 2013

Town of Niagara fire damages apartments

By Rick Pfeiffer
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Fifteen volunteer fire companies from as far away as Youngstown, Cambria and Grand Island responded to a blaze in an apartment complex in the Town of Niagara Tuesday afternoon.

The fire erupted around 2:45 p.m. in one of the buildings that make up the Royal Park Apartment complex in the 8500 block of Porter Road. The complex is home to around 150 apartments.

Town of Niagara Police said the fire was contained in the building that housed apartments 36 to 44.

"The investigation into the cause is ongoing," Police Chief Jim Suitor said. "They believe the fire may have started in a vacant apartment, then spread to the upper floor (of the building) and into a second apartment."

Suitor said Apartments 43 and 44 suffered the heaviest damage.

The building was occupied," Suitor said. "Six apartments had people in them and they were evacuated by the apartment complex staff and police."

The residents who were displaced are being assisted by the American Red Cross.

No injuries were reported in battling the blaze. Damage to the building was estimated at $250,000.