Niagara Gazette

November 30, 2012

Davis linked to murder scene

By Rick Pfeiffer
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — LOCKPORT -- The former girlfriend of an accused killer identified a picture of them at the crime scene just before the murder.

But the defense team for Matthew "Bones" Davis appeared to try to suggest to the jury hearing his case that he wasn't the man whose image was captured by a surveillance camera in the lobby of the Jefferson Apartments on Aug. 21. 2011. Davis' lawyers also tried to paint Teara Dominique Fatico as a jealous woman, who might be trying to frame Davis because he would not leave his wife while they were together.

Davis is on trail on two counts of second-degree murder, first-degree robbery and first-degree burglary in the slaying of Antoine Bradberry in what police, prosecutors and Fatico have described as a botched robbery.

Fatico testified Thusrday in Niagara County Court that still pictures taken from a surveillance camera in the apartment building lobby showed her letting Davis into the building on the night of Bradberry's murder.

Under questioning from prosecutors on Wednesday, Fatico said Davis sent her and a friend to Bradberry's apartment to “see what I could get out of him.”

After Fatico let Davis into Bradberry's apartment building, he is accused of killing him by holding him down on his sofa and asphyxiating him with a shirt. Fatico also told the jury that half an hour after she let Davis into the apartment building, he came out and got into his van holding a white garbage bag.

Inside the bag, Fatico said Davis had two jars of marijuana that she had seen earlier that night in Bradberry's apartment.

Under cross-examination by defense attorney Philip Dabney, Fatico admitted she lied to police when they first questioned her two days after the murder. She said she was panicked when investigators showed her the surveillance camera pictures.

"All that I said in that statement was basically lies," Fatico said. "I tried to give them a statement that went along with the pictures they showed me."

Dabney spent a considerable amount of time questioning Fatico about her relationship with the father of her child and Davis and Davis' refusal to divorce his wife. The defense attorney also introduced photos of the Fatico child's father, suggesting a similarity in his looks to those of Davis.

Fatico admitted she did not see Davis actually enter Bradberry's apartment or see anyone harm him.

"It wasn't my intention that any physical injury be caused to (Bradberry)," she said.

Fatico, 22, has already pleaded guilty to a charge of attempted first-degree burglary in the case and is serving a 13-year state prison sentence. 

Another co-defendant, Chasity Wilson, 21, pleaded guilty to attempted first-degree burglary and is serving a 13-year prison term.

Testimony in the case will resume on Monday.