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March 10, 2014

Cousin awarded $1M Wroblewski estate

Staff and wire reports
Niagara Gazette

Theodore “Teddy” Wroblewski's million-dollar estate has been awarded to his first cousin by a Niagara County court.

Wroblewski's mummified remains were found in the basement of his debris-filled home on Grand Avenue in 2011. He was reported missing by a relative on Feb. 12, 2009 and remained unaccounted for until his cousin made the discovery of his body in the basement of the home. Detectives and Crime Scene Unit officers even spent a day, clad in Haz-Mat gear, searching Wroblewski’s home in March 2009.

At that time, investigators said they had trouble searching the home because it was filled with debris and garbage. Detectives said at that time it was difficult for them to move in the home and get to the bottom of mounds of material.

According to police and neighbors, Wroblewski was “eccentric” and was known to collect items during daily garbage picking rounds in the early morning hours.

Wroblewski’s apparent disappearance in 2009 touched off a hunt for him spearheaded by community activist Roger Spurback. 

A family member found his body while in the process of clearing the home of items.

Wroblewski's mother died in 2009 at age 97, leaving him about $1.2 million.

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

The Niagara County Surrogate's Court ruled that 80-year-old Richard Wroblewski of Niagara Falls is the sole heir of Theodore Wroblewski, who was 79 when his body was found in 2011.

The judge's ruling mean's Richard Wroblewski receives more than $900,000, after payment of legal and other fees.