Niagara Gazette

December 16, 2013

Retzlaff takes in final Wheatfield Town Board meeting

by Mia Summerson
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — WHEATFIELD — After spending 32 years serving as a councilmember for the Town of Wheatfield, Monday evening marked Kenneth Retzlaff’s last meeting as a board member before retirement. 

“I started 32 years ago, it went by fast. I didn’t need a lot of help, but when I did (Retzlaff) was always there for the tough issues, he always had compassion,” said Councilman Larry Helwig. “He kept his head on his shoulders and held this board together.”

Supervisor Robert Cliffe also congratulated Retzlaff on his retirement and also commended him for his service. Cliffe said that of all the people he has met through politics, Retzlaff has earned the most respect from him.

There'll still be a Retzlaff serving on the town board though, Retzlaff's nephew, Randy Retzlaff, was elected to the board in November.

Monday’s meeting also marked the last meeting of 2013. It was a quiet evening for Wheatfield. The board approved the 2014 meeting schedule, noting that due to many Monday holidays and the fact that the every-other-week scheduling would result in a different number of meetings each month, the schedule was subject to change.

Also, following from a discussion at the last board meeting, a motion was made to approve a one-year $20,000 contract with the SPCA of Niagara. The contact is in regards to dog control and harboring. The contract is only for a year because, according to Cliffe, the SPCA is taking a look at their situation, and there is a possibility that their ability to cater to the above matters may change.

The annual contract with NiaCAP was also approved for $5,000 and Rotella Grants Management was awarded the 2014 contract for Grants Writing and Administration at a cost of $9,600 per year for an unlimited number of grants.

The board approved the following purchases for the town. $14,239 is to be spent on new playground equipment at the youth center and $10,800 is to be spent on fencing for the pond at the same location. The town is also planning to spend $56,330 on the construction of two storage units.

Before closing up the meeting, Supervisor Cliffe made some clarifications on the sale of the former Summit Park Mall property.

“Nothing has been signed and sealed yet,” he said. “There is a contract on the table and we’re looking forward to getting a call back, but we’re not there yet.”