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August 19, 2013

Birth announcements published Sunday, Aug. 18

Staff Reports
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Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

• HALL: To Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Hall (Tori Caterisano) of North Tonawanda, July 18, 2013, a son, Antonio Jacob.

• DYNARSKI: To Mr. and Mrs. Matthew R. Dynarski (Sarah J. Privatera) of Ransomville, July 19, 2013, a daughter, Skylar Jean.

• ROSE: To Nyoka J. Booker of Niagara Falls, July 21, 2013, a son, Levale Reality James.

• BOWEN: To Alicia M. Winn and Glen A. Bowen Jr. of Niagara Falls, July 21, 2013, a son, Glen Allen III.

• ELLIOTT: To Vanessa A. Doane and Thomas J. Walters of Niagara Falls, July 21, 2013, a son, Collin Joseph.

• ROSS: To Nicole M. Ross of Niagara Falls, July 24, 2013, a daughter, Alexa Marie.

• PRINTUP: To Veronica L. McQueen and Raymond M. Printup of Lewiston, July 24, 2013, a daughter, Abigail Alta-Mae.

• RENO: To Elizabeth S. Haseley and Brandon M. Reno of Niagara Falls, July 24, 2013, a daughter, Ayla Jean.

• PEREZ: To Jamie L. Bullers and Ivan Perez of Niagara Falls, July 25, 2013, a daughter, Ariana Nivea.

• CHAVIS: To Jessica B. McKinney and Akeeme W. Chavis of Niagara Falls, July 29, 2013, a daughter, Aaliyah Analyce.

• HARDEN: To Faye L. Lanaway and Steven W. Harden of Youngstown, July 31, 2013, a son, Evan Steven.

• PIASKOWSKI: To Kailee M. Pichey and Alan L. Piaskowski of Niagara Falls, July 31, 2013, a daughter, Molly Ann.

• BYRD: To Mr. and Mrs. David A. Byrd II (Melanie N. Carr) of Niagara Falls, July 31, 2013, a son, David Allen III.

• WYNN: To Shonah L. Martin and Brandon E. Wynn of Niagara Falls, Aug. 1, 2013, a daughter Jemiana Evelynn.

Sisters of Charity Hospital

• ZWIEFKA: To Joseph and Maria Zwiefka of North Tonawanda, July 3, 2013, a son, Joseph S. Zwiefka II. Grandparents are Mathew Zwiefka of Wellsville and the late Shirley Mcnair, Lucille Pollina of Buffalo and GT Kowalski of Cambria.

• DENARDO: To Bethany and Dan DeNardo of Lockport, July 19, 2013, a son, Blake Anthony.

Grandparents are Dan and Kathy DeNardo of Lockport, Rob and Barb DeVoe and Phillip and Cela Erck, all of Newfane.

Great-grandmothers are Eleanor Miles of Newfane and Virginia Hixenbaugh of Lockport.

Eastern Niagara Hospital

• SOLOTES: To Amber Solotes of Lockport, July 27, 2013, a daughter, Avery Rose.

Grandparents are Scott and Brigitte Solotes.

Great-grandparents are Kathy Solotes and Charles Qualiana.

• MITCH9ELL: To Amanda Farina and Kevin Mitchell, July 22, 2013, of Lockport, a son, Korben Dominick.

Grandparents are Dominick and Pamela Farina, Kathleen Mitchell and Mark and Brenda Zimmerman.

Great-grandparents are Dominick and Betty Farina and Arthur and Patricia Sherman.

• KROPP: To Kara and Tim Kropp of Gasport, July 24, 2013, a daughter, Teagan Marie.

Grandparents are Tim and Kathy Kropp of Wilson and Samuel and Mary Vitello of Lockport.

• CONDREN: To Rose Ann Webb and Kyle Condren of Lockport, July 26, 2013, a son, Cole.

Grandparents are Jeff and Sandra Condren of Lockport and Bonnie Webb of Wilson.

Great-grandparents are David and Diane Condren of Lockport.

• PETTITT: To Patricia and John Pettitt of Burt, July 26, 2013, a son, Robert.

Grandparents are Ed and Lisa Pettitt and Daniel and Jennifer Foster Jr., all of Newfane.

Great-grandparents are Marion Pettitt, Bob and Marleen Bowers and Daniel and Cecelia Foster Sr.

• HURT: To Miranda Tower and Kenneth Hurt of Medina, July 29, 2013, a son, Jaxson Alexander.

• HIXENBAUGH: To Michelle Daugherty and John Hixenbaugh of Niagara Falls, July 30, 2013, a daughter, Izabella.

Grandparents are Louise Daugherty, Brian Kelley and Judy Hixenbaugh.

Great-grandparents are Shirley and Gorden Graham.