Niagara Gazette

July 22, 2013

Restaurant inspections published Sunday, July 21

Staff Reports
Niagara Gazette


Jacobi & Sons Pizzeria & Catering3100 Delaware Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Bench-can opener blade soiled; wiping cloths used for food contact surfaces not stored properly in sanitizing solutions/dirty/not used only for this purpose true freezer-food stored uncovered, repeat.

• DATE: March 13


Marco’s Italian Deli & Cafe, 3024 Delaware Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Microwave interior soiled; non-food-contact surfaces not cleaned as often as necessary to keep the equipment free of accumulations of dust, dirt, food particles and other debris; cook-line table soiled; hood filter soiled.

• DATE: March 19


Mia Dolcezza, 2872 Delaware Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Frigidaire cooler-interior soiled; Frigidaire cooler missing thermometer, corrected; basement dry-storage lights not properly shielded, corrected.

• DATE: March 19


Orchid Asian Bistro, 2756 Elmwood Ave.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: One dozen eggs stored on shelf above vegetables in glass-door cooler, no apparent contamination, corrected.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Three in-use knives stored in gaps between prep counter and coolers so that blades may come in contact with sides of counter and cooler; floor in kitchen soiled around wall perimeter and under appliances, repeat; wall at dish-wash area soiled.

• DATE: March 12


Peking Garden Chinese Restaurant, 3666 Delaware Ave.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Three trays of raw meat (chicken, beef) stored on shelf above oranges and broccoli in walk-in cooler, repeated, corrected.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Two rice scoops stored in standing water (in container), corrected; several uncovered containers of food in walk-in cooler.

• DATE: March 8


Prince Barbeque Inc., 2768 Elmwood Ave. B

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Four dozen eggs on storage shelf in kitchen since day before, corrected; three roast ducks and approximately 5 pounds of barbecue pork in front-counter steam table, hot box unit 61-63 degrees, corrected; approximately 3 pounds of uncooked fish on shelf above pre-packaged containers of dipping sauce in refrigerator, no apparent contamination, corrected; rear glass-door cooler at 50 degrees, corrected; front-counter steam table water was 81 degrees, corrected.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Front-counter hot box lacks thermometer.


Star of India, 3167 Delaware Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Coconut stored in containers labeled as garlic; GE cooler missing thermometer, corrected.

• DATE: March 21


There were no violations at the following establishments:

• Castlebrook Catering, 701 Englewood Ave.

• Kenmore’s Original Mike’s Subs, 2826 Delaware Ave.

• Reid’s Elmwood, 2800 Elmwood Ave.



Fast Teddy’s, 221 Main St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Shelving under lunch counter has deteriorated paint surfaces; floor below stainless steel shelving and black metal shelving has missing, deteriorated tiles.

• DATE: March 21


McDonald’s Restaurant, 10 Main St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Floor around wall perimeter is soiled; employee preparing food was not wearing a hair restraint.

• DATE: March 7


Primo Pizza, 123 Broad St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Rear door to exterior has gaps, not weather-tight; floor tiles missing in areas on west side of building, repeat; wall above rear prep counter is water damaged, plaster has bubbled out, repeat; several water damaged and missing ceiling tiles throughout facility, repeat.

• DATE: March 1


Shanghai Restaurant, 21 Main St.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Approximately 3 pounds of uncooked ground pork were on the shelf above containers of mayonnaise and bags of rolls in two-door cooler, repeated, corrected, no apparent contamination.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Rice, flour, sugar scoops lacked handle; three uncovered bags of sugar and flour in kitchen, corrected as of March 25; two 10-pound bags of onions on kitchen floor, corrected as of March 25; approximately 8 pounds of frozen chicken breast thawing in tray of standing water in three-bay sink at 2:30 p.m., temperature was 42 degrees, corrected; approximately 5 pounds of frozen chicken on tray in large bowl thawing on counter top, 32 degrees at 2:50 p.m., corrected as of March 25.

• DATE: March 4; re-inspected March 25


Swiston’s Beef & Keg, 101 Young St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Kitchen wall at three-bay sink and at office doorway deteriorated, tiles missing.

• DATE: March 18


There were no violations at the following establishements:

• Tonawanda Junior High School, 150 Hinds St.

• Tonawanda Senior High School, 150 Hinds St.