Niagara Gazette

May 30, 2013

EXPLAINING OBAMACARE: Nick Tate's new book is called a 'survival guide.'

By Michele DeLuca
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Once a young high schooler deeply impacted by Love Canal, a former Niagara Falls man has written a best-seller about the most important health issue facing Americans today.

Nick Tate is the author of “ObamaCare: A Survival Guide,” which recently hit number one on a New York Times best-seller list.

The LaSalle High School graduate, whose father, Nicholas, was a well-known football coach at LaSalle, has written a tome on the complex legislation officially called the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. He calls the act “one of the most significant and controversial pieces of social legislation in the history of the United States.”

A newspaperman by trade, now living in Southern Florida, his book is the most successful ever produced by his publishing house, Humanix Books of Boca Raton, according to his publishing representative.

The health care reporter said he delved deeply into the intricacies of the health plan.

“I’ve spent, literally, the last two or three years of my life focused on trying to figure this health care reform legislation out,” Tate said during a recent telephone interview. “What’s it going to cost? I don’t think we fully know.”

“Will there be the money and political will to fund 500-some provisions, will efforts of congress to scale back or delay components of the law succeed?” he asked. “Nobody really knows.”

A former reporter with the Sun Sentinel until cutbacks there about a year ago, Tates’ roots in Niagara Falls are deep. His grandparents lived on 17th Street. 

His mom, Annette, is not surprised her thoughtful young son has grown into a best-selling author. 

“He was very cerebral,” she said, when asked to describe her son in his youth. “He wrote from the time he was very young.”

When the discovery of toxins buried in Love Canal hit Niagara Falls like an environmental tsunami, Tate was deeply impacted.

“Three of my closest friends’ families were moved out of Love Canal,” he said. “It was both a political and personal awakening.” 

His career since then has been focused on matters of health and wellness.  

His new book recently hit No. 1 on the New York Times best-seller list for paperback advice books. It is the most successful book published to date by his publisher, Humanix books, in Boca Raton, Fla., according to Andy Brown, director of publishing for Humanix.  

The company, founded in the 1960s as an educational publisher, changed focus last year to concentrate on books that try to educate people on financial issues, politics and health and wellness.

“One of the things we felt lacking was a good book that explains affordable health care,” Brown said. “ ‘ObamaCare’ is perceived negatively, but the book is an attempt to be as evenhanded as possible.”

“The response we’ve received from this book has far exceeded our expectations,” he added.

Hitting the New York Times best-seller list makes for a good day for any writer. 

“I was stunned and gratified,” Tate said. “It’s the dream of every journalist to make that list, but to hit No. 1 was beyond my wildest expectations.”

He is humble, however, about the book’s success. 

“The reason the book is there isn’t because I’m a genius as a writer. The reason it’s there is people want to know how that plan is going to affect them. And it’s one of the few that present (the information in) a non-partisan way, the details of the law and how they can protect themselves.”