Niagara Gazette

August 12, 2013

Marriage licenses published Sunday, Aug. 11

Staff Reports
Niagara Gazette


• Jeffery A. Aron and Daniel L. Elliott, July 25

• Andrew W. Church and Tao Liu, July 25

• John J. Dean Jr. and Dennis S. Vogt, July 25

• Shannon N. Foust and Richard C. Hauger, July 25

• Bart R. Louhi and Geraldo B. Oliveira, July 25

• Courtney M. O’Connor and William J. Jorgensen, July 25

• Cynthia M. Sadler and Dara E. Smith, July 25

• Karen A. Siernsen and Carolyn S. Daniels, July 25

• James T. Logsdon and Lexie Newton, July 26

• Gary A. Richardson and Michael P. Carthen, July 26

• Joseph C. Scozzafava and Danielle C. Viccica, July 26

• Nichole D. Thompson and Joanne C. Belog, July 26

• Raymond C. Weisel Jr. and Alan R. Beckstrom, July 26

• Jennifer D. Nelson and Michael T. Woody, Juy 28

• Gail B. Abel and Frank L. Nocera, July 29

• April R. Burns and Reginald Dix, July 29

• Wayne L. Dorman and Steven R. Long, July 29

• William M. Porter Jr. and Angela E. Gnann, July 29

• Chelsea V. Addenbrooks and Eric M. Bajor, July 30

• Duncan J. Clegg and Kristen K. Ames, July 30

• Gregory A. DeWeese and Stephanie E. Webber, July 30

• Jay C. Graboff and Ernest L. Huddleston, July 30

• Catherine A. Kuchcinski and Aaron G. Marshall, July 30

• Brian D. Leach and Jason E. Fridley, July 30

• Ronald K. Musselman and Willie L. Hawkins, July 30

• Anthony J. Paduano and Lynette R. Billings, July 30

• Kendra A. Robertson and Peter T. Sinclair, July 30

• Grace E. Snyder and Raymond L. Elder, July 30

• Richard A. Greger and Michelle L. Sajnoha, July 31

• Douglas E. Lee and Carrie C. Heiert, July 31

• Mary S. McArdle and Rebecca R. Schultz, July 31

• Timothy N. Owens and Jairo S. Padilla, July 31

• Nicholas E. Roessler and Lacielynne M. Mort, July 31