Niagara Gazette

January 6, 2014

2014 Predictions: Two local intuitives predict good things

Michele DeLuca
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — It looks like 2014 is going to be a very good year, according to a pair of Niagara area intuitives.

Among several in the region who were contacted, two were delighted to consult with their spiritual “guides” and find out how things are going to be looking around here in the new year. It seems, for the most part, things will be looking up.

Amy Koban, of Amy K’s, Niagara Falls

Amy Koban of Amy K's Mystick Korner at 4613 Military Rd.,

started her reflection with an astrological reading, and considered our nation’s birthday as July 4, 1776. That would give the U.S. the zodiac sign of Cancer, a sign that symbolizes mothering and nurturing. She said this is good news since Jupiter, the planet of growth and healing is in Cancer until mid July, which means the U.S. may have the ability and the great timing as a nation to fix, improve and be a success in the formation of healthcare/Obamacare.

Here’s more from Koban, whose shop, Amy K’s at 4613 Military Road in Niagara Falls, offers many intuitive services, classes and gifts.  Here are more of her intuitive predictions for 2014:

In July 2014 Jupiter moves into the sign of Leo, our President’s zodiac sign, which could cause him a beneficial improvement in approval ratings for the year to follow.

Secret challenge: A warning to all, but especially people who hold positions of power or who affect large groups of people, that it will be challenging to keep or keep secrets with Saturn in Scorpio until well into 2015. This alignment can expose uncomfortable personal privacies and make flaws in the system more public. More and new types of security will be demanded.

There will be more sinkholes and storms with major inconveniences and power outages getting more of our attention as a nation. There may be more concern of this in April and some progress in environmental concerns with celebrity endorsements making a helpful impact as we enter the last half of the year.

Careful in April: April will be a great pivot-point, with two eclipses and some planetary chaos in the areas of global conflicts, environmental concerns, and the economy. This is not a good time for big decisions in our lives personally.

Medically speaking I see more states legalizing marijuana when they see the potential financial impact it can stir. More importantly I see more research on it’s medicinal uses and as a possible treatment for cancer.

Locally, I feel that Niagara Falls will continue to revitalize, improving roadways and landscaping.I see More businesses and jobs sprouting up but in a state of recovery not completion or success, yet.

Local Tourism: I see the large piece of land for sale near the casino in Niagara Falls as having success in connection with daredevil Nik Wallenda, with a museum and possible high-wire/trapeze training and entertainment facility. This will give tourists a chance to swing on a trapeze, such as offered in many tropical resorts.

I also predict The Buffalo Bills staying in Buffalo and having a better year in 2014, making more necessary changes that have been needed for  awhile. Back to “secrets being challenging” I see a player getting caught with illegal drugs and going through rehabilitation and becoming a good influence on many.

Government: I also predict Gov. Cuomo will still be, for the most part, favored by the people but may voluntarily move on to work in another area more suitable for him at the time. I see someone, possibly a female, taking his place and being stabilizing for the economy.

Spiritually speaking, I sense the new Pope Francis continuing to have a positive impact on Catholicism and on the world. I see him uniting people with universal truths and he may give some recognition to the spiritual realm in an almost Spiritualist fashion. Although it may cause some controversy, this will give comfort to many.

Pamela Burns of Spiritually Rooted, North Tonawanda

Pamela Burns, owner of Spiritually Rooted in North Tonawanda, who just opened a location at the Eastern Hills Mall and who hopes to open a third location around Lewiston or the Town of Niagara this year, also checked in with her spirit guides.  Here’s what she offered to readers for 2014:

“I work a little different then some other mediums/psychics. While I often do get information about the future, I simply ask spirit what is the most important thing for the client to be told and go with that information. It might be reminding them about the past so they can resolve it and finally move forward, it might be to help them with what is current in their lives or it might be something in the future. I let spirit decide what is needed to be discussed. So, I meditated on what would be best for  readers to learn, know or be aware of. The following three themes came up.

Look Inside: I saw the words “open your mouth and look inside” I didn’t understand it at first but when I asked for clarification I was told it meant that we are headed into a time of less and less self reliance and personal responsibility. More people will be put to the test of their personal strengths and they can either wallow and blame others or find a solutions inside themselves and be stronger for it. I saw the image of pulling up boot straps, meaning it’s time to pull up our boots straps and get the job done.  The cause is irrelevant, the fix is what’s important and the fix can only come from within. If you are so focused on what is being lost or what your feel is unjust you will never be able to see the solution that is right in front of you all along. No matter what comes your way this year, focus on the solution not the cause and be secure in the knowledge that the solution is inside of you all along.

Slow down: The second thing I saw was an image of people walking around and I heard “people need to walk more.” Again I didn’t understand at first what it meant. I thought maybe it was about exercise, which I avoid at all costs! It turns out that it was really a message to slow down and to look around. To take life in. Our lives are so full and so busy that even when we do walk somewhere we are rushed, we are on a mission. We don’t “mosey” anymore, we don’t look around. I’m getting the sense that things are going to be changing at a very rapid pace in the next year. Our lives, if possible, are going to be moving even faster than they are now. Thing are going to happen faster in the community, in the country and in the world. We have all had that feeling of “Oh my, when did that get put up? How did I miss that?” Well, I’m seeing things moving very fast this coming year and we need to mosey, intentionally, to take it all in so we don’t feel like life has passed us by while we were living it. It’s time to visit with the old friends, we have been putting off, it’s time to take that scenic route home to see the sights. It’s time to take it all in while it’s still there, as things will be changing rapidly. Things we have taken for granted we would always be able to do might not be the same.

Peace starts within:  The third component was a deeper understanding of the self. I sensed a great deal of unrest in this country as well as the world. People that normally don’t have any problems with each other suddenly being very divided on topics and issues that bring out very heated discussions. It’s no longer ok to agree to disagree. The message was one of a positive nature however. While this undertone is going to occur, the message was one of how to avoid becoming part of it. I saw the image of the mirror. This is one I’m very familiar with. Whenever someone lashes out at another person, yells at them, calls them names or becomes violent, the immediate response would be to condemn this person. It makes sense as they are being unkind and hurtful. In reality, however, this person is really acting out all the pain and suffering that is going on inside of themselves. They really need love and prayer for healing. It doesn’t make their actions right or lawful, and they still deserve punishment if they have broken laws of course, but the way to stop the violence is to NOT hate the aggressor. To not be spiteful, to send love to that person as you must realize they don’t hate the people they attack, they really hate themselves. This is also true when you get upset with someone. Before you start arguing with them, stop and ask yourself why are you upset? The answer lies within yourself, they have said or done something that has stirred a nerve inside you and you want to lash out to hurt them back. Rather than lashing back, send love, light and prayer to that part of yourself that is hurting. This is how we stop the cycle of anger from continuing. We must first recognize that it all starts inside of us.