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November 19, 2012

PINTEREST: For all the idea's you'd like to pin down!

New website gathers most newest ideas for living well, from holiday decor to inspiration

By Michele DeLuca
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Remember, not too long ago, when you found a recipe you liked or a story in a newspaper or magazine that you wanted to save and so you clipped it out and pinned it on your bulletin board?That’s the beauty of holding a magazine or newspaper in your hand. You can save the stories and ideas that you like and refer to them again and again.

From cooking to decorating to inspiration, the Internet has also become a source for new ideas. But to some users, it may sometimes seem like there is simply too much traffic on the crowded electronic highway, making it hard to sort through the mindless, self promotional drivel and get to the good stuff.

But, more and more computer users are turning to a website that has become a collective of the best ideas. 

If you have a computer, there’s a good chance someone has sent you something or pinned something to their Facebook entry that has come directly from Pinterest.  Whether the viewer is looking for recipes, decorating tips, inspirational quotes, travel ideas, or just interesting pictures, Pinterest is the site more are turning to (

Kristen Brandenburg of Van Buren, Arkansas, writes a blog where she posts her decorating ideas and sells her floral creations called Kristen’s Creations (  One day someone visited her site, liked a mesh holiday wreath she had posted on her blog and “pinned” it to Pinterest.  Visits to Brandenburg’s site have tripled since then.

“So many people come to my blog and pin things,” she said in a phone interview. “It circulates around Pinterest and then drives other people to my blog,” she said.

As she was talking, she stopped for a moment to check her online visit statistics.  “Just this week the mesh wreath post has gotten 30,471 hits so far.” 

“This year is my busiest year so far because of Pinterest,” she said. 

Christie Halverson, St. Louis Mo, is a freelance photographer and mother of three who started blogging one day as a form of journaling.  “My blog was a way primarily for me to journal my family’s life,” she said.

One day she posted a photo of some teepee cupcakes she had made for her son’s Boy Scout Troop and her readers seemed to like them. The next year, 20008, she posted a pictorial on how to make the cupcakes.  A couple years later someone pinned the post to Pineterest and since then visits to her blog have doubled. When she checked her stats during a recent telephone interview she noted that in October she had 41,000 page views when, prior to hitting Pinterest, she had about 3,000 a month. 

“People seem to like what I write,” Halverston said simply.  While she doesn’t accept advertising on her blog she noted that many bloggers are making money doing so, and Pinterest is expanding bloggers’ reach.  But, even to bloggers it’s an enjoyable site.

“I love it,” she said of Pinterest, which she joined ten months ago, noting that she has downloaded its app into her iPhone.  “I look at it every day. It takes 30 seconds to see what’s new and it’s a great time filler when I’m waiting for kids.” 

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