Niagara Gazette

September 23, 2013

Restaurant inspections published Sunday, Sept. 22

Staff Reports
Niagara Gazette


St. Jude Shrine, 975 Ridge Road


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Single-use towels missing in men’s restroom, corrected.

• DATE: July 30

Town Hall, 453 Center St.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Three-door cooler on wall not holding temperature, cook voluntarily discarded items in cooler, repairman will be called.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Bread heals kept for bread crumbs not stored properly to avoid contamination, corrected; squeeze bottles throughout kitchen not labeled for contents; ceiling in walk-in beer cooler missing tile and leaking water; hand-wash sink in kitchen has leaking faucet; hot water handle on three-bay sink broken.

• DATE: July 19


There were no violations at the following establishments:

• Jane’s Cafe Express, 103 Portage Rd.

• Lewiston Assembly of God, 4754 Creek Road

• Lewiston Public Library, 305 S. 8th St.

• Melloni’s Catering, 555 Center St. 

• Orange Cat Coffee Company, 703 Center St.



Como Restaurant, 2220 Pine Ave.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: No backflow device on mop sinks.


• DATE: July 25

Dave’s Last Chance Saloon, 4900 Saunders Settlement Road


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Fan grate in walk-in cooler dusty.

• DATE: July 17

Day’s Inn Banquet Kitchen, 443 Main St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Dishwasher not sanitizing properly, not up to temperature, repairman called.

• DATE: July 21

Divine Mercy Roman Catholic Parish, 2437 Niagara St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Thermometer missing for refrigerator in kitchen; two faucets in men’s room don’t turn on.

• DATE: July 17

Hard Rock Cafe, 333 Prospect St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Cup of sanitizer missing for shake machine, machine has old splatter, machine cleaned.

• DATE: July 18

Maharaja Restaurant, 128 3rd St.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: All but two items in buffet table hot hold well below required 140 degrees, cook said product was at 165 degrees 1 1/2 hours prior, all product reheated to 165 and will be held at temperature higher than 140 degrees until served.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Sanitizer wasn’t found in kitchen, bucket of water found in another room with no sanitizer, proper solution made up.

• DATE: July 11

Mulligan’s Concession Stand, 4343 Porter Road

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Food thermometer missing at time of inspection; food worker observed using bare hands to serve hot dog roll, roll discarded and food worker put on gloves, discussed proper technique.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Portable hand-washing station missing single-use towels, soap and water, being used as storage so hand-washing use not accessible at time of inspection.

• DATE: July 21

Polish Nook, 2242 Cudaback Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Debris on floor of walk-in freezer; debris and dust on fan of walk-in cooler; lights not shielded properly in pierogi room and store room.

• DATE: July 24

Punjabi Hut Express, 26 Niagara St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Some food inadequately labeled and not covered.

• DATE: July 26

Poppy’s Place, 8806 Cayuga Drive


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Beer cases stored on bare wood, surfaces not smooth and easily cleanable; floors behind bar have cracked tiles, not smooth and easily cleanable.

• DATE: July 15

Town of Niagara Community Center, 7100 Lockport Road


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Pre-packaged snacks, single-service items stored on floor.

• DATE: July 26

Wine on Third, 501 3rd St.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Sanitizing spray bottle not labeled for contents; garlic sauce on cooler counter is 55 degrees, not kept cold or hot hold.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Dry wipe cloth not stored in bucket of sanitizing solution, therefore counters not sanitized after use; right bar sink faucet and server faucet broken, water on floor in front of two-door cooler, not sure of source; one bathroom missing covered receptacle; pizza side of kitchen ceiling is not easily cleanable; wall above three-bay sink on bar side is not easily cleanable.

• DATE: July 28


There were no violations at the following establishments:

Dairy Queen, 2301 Military Road

• Fresh Start Ministries, 1722 16th St.

• Honeymoon Capital Outdoor Patio, 16 Rainbow Blvd.



Park Athletic Club, 42 Manhattan St.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Clorox Clean up with bleach being used behind bar for sanitizing surfaces, not for food surface, removed for use in restrooms.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: No self-closing door on women’s restroom.

• DATE: July 17

Remington Tavern, 184 Sweeney St.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Can of wasp and hornet spray found stored on shelf with chemical in mop room, all pesticides must be applied by licensed applicator, spray discarded.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Thermometer missing from dessert cooler; interior of dessert cooler and two-drawer cooler on line has food splatter; employee restroom door not self-closing; paper towels missing from hand-wash sink; CPR kit not available.

• DATE: July 24