Niagara Gazette

July 15, 2013

Restaurant inspections published Sunday, July 14

Staff Reports
Niagara Gazette


Caddy Jacks, 314 Davison Road

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Three-bay sink in kitchen area has hose hanging down below top of sink with no backflow preventer, corrected.


• DATE: April 9


Emmanuel United Methodist Church, 75 East Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Mold/mildew on gasket of cooler.

• DATE: April 16


Mark’s Pizzeria, 318 South Transit St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Soda crates near walk-in cooler not allowing easy access for cleaning under floor, repeat violation; thermometer in sub-cooler is not accurate, reading at 20 degrees when actual temp was 45; ceiling tiles missing throughout kitchen, repeat violation; floor ties under/around fryers and three-bay sink are broken or missing, repeat violation; lightshield cracked near walk-in cooler.

• DATE: April 8.


Tuscarora Inn, 128 Walnut St.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Two three-pound cans of artichoke hearts and one three-pound can of pizza sauce found on shelf in basement in dry storage, cook removed to return for credit, corrected.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Shelving under grill area and tray under fryer needs cleaning, excessive food debris; disposal under rinse area sink near dishwasher leaking.

• DATE: April 11


Tom’s Diner11 Main St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Plastic cups in kitchen on shelf above dish machine and on shelf behind service counter found to be stacked while still wet; dishwasher removed all cups, rewashed and allowed to air dry, corrected; frost build-up found in Kenmore upright freezer in dry storage area; dust and grime buildup on walls above windows in kitchen.

• DATE: April 11




Devine Dining, 4487 Lake Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Wall behind counter is missing tiles, not smooth and easily cleanable; wall in store room, bare wood, not smooth and easily cleanable, repeat; hot water at last sink in men’s room inoperable; lights in storeroom and hallway outside of storeroom not shielded, repeat.

• DATE: April 22


One-Eyed Jacks Smokehouse Grill, 5983 South Transit Road


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Sanitizing solution too weak, instructed and corrected.

• DATE: April 5.


Ted’s Jumbo Red Hots, 6130 Shimer Road


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Bins of onion rings uncovered in walk-in cooler, box of chicken uncovered in walk-in freezer; thermometers missing from prep coolers in front counters; syrup residue on basement floor under soda station.

• DATE: May 6




Franco’s Pizza, 817 Payne Ave.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Soap hose submerged in soapy water in three-bay sink, potential for cross-contamination due to cross-connection, manager on duty cut hose to ensure it stops above water line, corrected; No. 10 can of pitted olives in walk-in cooler with a severe dent on side seam, manager removed can to be sent back to distributor, corrected; large slice of mushroom pizza found actual temperature to be 70 degrees, voluntarily discarded by manager, corrected.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Pizza dough on racks and boxes of mozzarella cheese stored directly on walk-in cooler floor, corrected; ice scoop handle found in contact with ice in the machine, manager put on glove to remove scoop and then used piece of velcro to attach to side of ice machine, corrected; two food workers were not wearing hair restraints and were preparing food, corrected; no sanitizer buckets available upon arrival at the establishment, corrected; wiping cloths throughout kitchen were not stored in sanitizing solution, corrected; shelving in back of kitchen was lined with cardboard, which is porous and is not smooth and easily cleanable.

• DATE: April 17


Galassi’s Sub Shop, 452 Payne Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Storage found on soda/milk crates in walk-in cooler and in storage room; both door gaskets on two-door True Refrigerator in front kitchen are torn; multiple freezers have frost buildup on inside surfaces/shelves; cardboard lining shelves in storage room; wall in back prep area is bare wood; grate covers above pizza oven and flat top have dust buildup; fan cover in walk-in has dust buildup.

• DATE: April 17


Renaissance Club of North Tonawanda, 252 Vandervoort St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Cans of sauce stored directly on floor of coat check room, discussed proper storage of food product to allow for cleaning under product, kitchen manager agreed to have shelving built that will be smooth and easily cleanable; one set of shelving in basement dry storage is bare wood and is not smooth ad easily cleanable, kitchen manager agreed to paint/seal shelving; chemical dishwashing machine in kitchen has incorrect sanitizer dilution, kitchen manager will call for maintenance to make adjustments so sanitizer is correct.

• DATE: April 5