Niagara Gazette

July 8, 2013

Restaurant inspections published Sunday, July 7

Niagara Gazette


Brio Pizzeria, 440 Center St.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Ground beef chucks on shelf above individual creamers, moved to bottom shelf; boxes of bug fumigators on shelf in dry storage, not allowed on premises, only licensed exterminators can apply pesticides.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Dish machine is not sanitizing, bucket empty, replaced with new nozzle and cleaned as it was blocked; urinal flush button broken off and cannot be flushed; no paper towels in ladies room and kitchen hand-wash sink; paint on floor in kitchen is worn and not easily cleanable, grimy edges.

• DATE: May 1

Favorite’s Pizzeria, 781 Cayuga St.

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Front-counter worker used bare hands to pull two pieces of pizza apart that were to be served to customer, pizza was discarded, worker was advised on proper glove use to avoid bare hand contact, corrected; restaurant was not using proper protocol for waiver; temperatures had not been taken on pizzas that were provided for sale, daily chart of temperature, date/time not available, discussed the setting up of charts and taking temperatures of pizza upon removal form oven with manager, corrected.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Cutting boards in kitchen have deep cuts and gouges, not easily cleanable; sanitizer in buckets not at proper dilution, new sanitizer made; floors under ovens and fryers in kitchen have food debris accumulation, floor under freezer shelving has food debris buildup.

• DATE: April 9.

Sanborn Fire Company, 5811 Buffalo Road


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Light bulb under hood above stove is burned out.

• DATE: May 8

Silo Restaurant, North Water Street

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Clorox spray being used in food prep areas, chlorine too strong for food service use, corrected, discussed proper sanitizing solution dilutions; sanitizer bucket not properly diluted, corrected; patio torch fuel found stored along with containers of food products, employee removed.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Cases of tomato ketchup and tomato sauce, bottled water and Gatorade found stored on floor, employee moved; unlabeled squeeze bottles in cooking area; cases of chicken parts stored on floor in walk-in cooler; clean utensils not stored properly with handles facing same direction; cleaning cloths not stored in sanitizer in grill and drinks area; no hot water in three-bay sink, dishwasher or hand-wash; employee reports pilot light out, requested immediate repair; no covered recepticle in employee restroom; no towels at hand-wash station in basement food prep area; no hand-wash signs, corrected.

• DATE: April 22

Town of Lewiston Senior Center, 4361 Lower River Road

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: A spray can of ant killer found stored under the kitchen sink was voluntarily removed from premises by operator at time of inspection.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Lighting in dry storage near kitchen not shielded.

• DATE: April 3


There were no violations at the following establishment:

• Seneca Hickory Stick Golf Club, 4560 Creek Road



Marsil’s Bar & Grill, 2230 Falls St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Ladies restroom door not self-closing.

• DATE: May 10

Michael’s Restaurant, 3011 Pine Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Soda, liquor stored on floor in rear of storage area; food in cooler in kitchen area next to door and in freezer in rear prep area left uncovered; stove top surfaces in rear prep area have an accumulation of food debris; faucet of three-bay sink has a leak; ceiling in rear of dry storage area has peeling paint throughout.

• DATE: April 17

Mike’s D.Q. Grill and Chill, 2432 Niagara St.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Exposed insulation in ceiling in upstairs storage area; lightshields missing from fixtures in upstairs storage area; fan cover in kitchen walk-in has debris buildup.

• DATE: April 9

The Other Place, 3320 Royal Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Miscellaneous items, tools, stored on top of ice machine; snacks, water bottles, plastic cups, etc., stored with non-food items.

• DATE: April 3

Porky’s Hot Dogs, 1416 Hyde Park Blvd.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: One dozen eggs found stored in refrigerator over shredded cheese, owner moved to lower shelf, corrected.

• DATE: April 9


Unc’s Inc., 223 Ferry Ave.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Men’s room does not have properly dispensed toilet paper and towels.

• DATE: April 24.

Village of India399 Rainbow Blvd.


• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Can of bug killer found on shelf, removed from premises, corrected.

• DATE: April 25


There were no violations at the following establishments:

• American Legion Cadille Post, 752 East Market St.

• Chinatown Asian Restaurant, 360 Rainbow Blvd.

• Jet Port Restaurant, 7100 Porter Road.

• Niser Butt Mobile Unit, 1 Niagara Center

• Carmelo’s Coat of Arms 425 Center St.

• Evangelical Christians, 5685 Buffalo St.



Ray’s Tavern, 1694 Lake Road

• CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Seven 8-ounce raw burgers were found stored on top shelf, over tangerines and cooked chicken; carton of raw shell eggs were found stored over packages of butter; about 5 pounds of raw chicken wings were found stored over ready-to-eat carrot sticks and celery sticks, corrected.

• NON-CRITICAL VIOLATIONS: Bin of potatoes found stored directly on floor in kitchen; mesh bag of onions stored directly on floor in dry storage area near side door; heads of lettuce in grocery bags stacked directly on floor in walk-in cooler; newspaper lining numerous shelves and drawers in kitchen.

• DATE: May 1