Niagara Gazette

July 29, 2013

Marriage licenses published Sunday, July 28

Staff Reports
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Falls

• Edward J. Beshoory and Crystal L. Dickens, July 5

• Mary Ann Hagan and Kimberly L. Williamson, July 5

• Ricky J. Lucas and Marisa L. Wasson, July 5

• Judith Smith and Cindy E. Osborne, July 5

• Rita J. Stubler and Celina L. Kosier, July 5

• Michelle H. Turner and Barbara P. Tomasso, Jully 5

• Vladimir Ziserson and Roman Liufa, July 5

• Sheliene D. Crandall and Pamela K. Buchmeyer, Jully 7

• Matthew T. Carter and Gregory A. Waggoner, July 8

 Michael A. Frotten and Cheri L. Mccaffery, July 8

• Danielle M. Johnson and Brandi N. Mowery, July 8

• Kathleen A. Moore and Jean M.Daniels, July 8

• Bruce J. Motta and Alesia Butera, July 8

• Dawn A. Panepinto and David W. Kinney, July 8

• Gina J. Pietrangeli and Salvatore W. Lobianco III, July 8

• Lori A. Santiago and Thomas S. Noyes, July 8

• Zachary J. Chavers and Brenda J. Perry, July 9

• Carlos G. Mayes and Robert S. Thompson III, July 9

• toni M. Miller and Michelle E. Baker, July 10

• Jan F. Modzelewski and John A. Regenhardt, July 10

• Charmaine M. Cyle and Deborah J. Hockaday, July 11

• Careena M. DeMull and Bridget L. Hillard, July 11

• Mesha A. Harnisch and Julian L. Jones, July 11

• Jessica M. Jewell and Gyorgyi S. Mihalyi, July 11

• Russyl J. Magnuson and Julie A. White, July 11

• Justin C. Marino and Shaun L. Collins, July 11

• Beth A. Rauschenberger and Sarah E. Thompson, July 11

• Stacey A. Christley and Carmen F. Kruer, July 12

• Janette M. Dywasuk and Kathryn A. O’Shaughnessy, July 12

• Jaime L. Haseley and Joshua W. Reid, July 12

• Rickey L. Moore and Allison M. Williams, July 12

• Tori D. Smith and Anthony J. Daquin, July 12

• Jessica M. Varnosi and Amanda M. Petrilla, July 12

• Sara B. Wilson and Lorette Russenberger, July 12

• Jeffery L. Edwards and Diana T.T. Ramirez, July 13

• Lisa M. Dorato and Kirk E. Hallock, July 15

• Scott R. Halford and Adriane E. Agria, July 15

• David R. Jean and John M. Braunm, July 15

• Rita L. Martin and Gayle N. Fierst, July 15

• Peter J.C. Matthews and Charles W. Brennan, July 15

• Mary L. Mills and Janet E. Roslund, July 15

• Shelly L. Spague and Neil A. Grigg, July 15

• Dero K. Stout and James A. Maiden, July 15

• Melissa D. Tambroni and Matthew D. Szymanski, July 15

• Martha A. Wotring and Linda K. Belote, July 15

• Charles E. Zedek Jr. and Brandon S. Whitener, July 15

• Debra A. Abolafia and Nancy M. Cook, July 16

• Brian A. Baumfalk and Richelle V. Smith, July 16

• Kathryn J. Kress and Jason D. Jones, July 16

• Sandra J. Lichtsteiner and Shelly P. Leamon, July 16