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February 25, 2013

Slender Inspirations offers technical assistance for weight loss goals

By Michele DeLuca
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Marie Custode could not figure out why she wasn’t losing weight.

The Lewiston resident worked out five days a week, often with a personal trainer. And she carefully watched her diet. She just didn’t seem to be making any progress.

Then she signed up for nine sessions with Margie Mokhiber of Slender Inspirations and finally, she said, dropped a dress size.

Along with diet consultations, Mokhiber, a certified nutritionist, provided Cold Laser Light Therapy (a non-surgical procedure) as well as full body vibration platform therapy.  And while she uses what she says are some cutting-edge electronics, she added that weight loss under her guidance begins the old fashioned way, through diet and exercise.  

“When my clients come in we first do a food and exercise plan, and then we do a cleanse,” Mokhiber said.

Each session involves a half hour on the treatment bed where she applies the laser delivery system, a series of wires attached to thin blocks placed upon the body treatment areas. 

“They call it a laser-like treatment,” Mokhiber said of the cold light laser, which she says is pain-free and has no side effects.

While the patient lies on the bed, head phones deliver a positive message designed to encourage weight loss, created by Dr. Patrick Porter, a hypnotist.  The patient listens to the messages as the light lasers pulse.

“What (the cold light laser) does is open up the fat cells and pull water from them. The water is dumped into the lymphatic system,” she explained. The lymphatic system is stimulated to eliminate the water through a full body vibration platform, which the client stands upon and which vibrates at rapid speeds to help the body rid itself of toxins, she said.

The combination of treatments provides the loss of inches and weight, Mokhiber added.

Each treatment in the series is 40 minutes and Mokhiber noted payment plans are offered. In addition, she has put out special offers on Groupon, the online coupon system. She estimates she got 50 percent of her clients from Groupon since she opened in January.

Mokhiber said she was trained in the program with Dr. Jams Fettig, a North Dakota chiropractor and author of “The Creator’s Manual for Your Body.”

Catherine Stack, RN, doctor of naturopathic medicine and owner of Journey II Health on Porter Road (also a Gazette columnist who appears today on Page 1C), has hosted Mokhiber’s nutrition business at her center in the past and believes Mokhiber is a positive addition to the center.

“I like how she incorporates nutrition with what she does,” Stack said. “And it seems people are dropping inches.”

Custode, who signed up for a second series of nine treatments, said she is happy with the 14 inches she has lost — in total — from her body measurements. She has signed up for more sessions.

“If I didn’t think it worked, I certainly wouldn’t have signed up for another series of treatments,” said Custode, who also follows a diet called the “Blood Type Diet,” which both Mokhiber and Stack recommend. The blood type diet recommends different types of foods, depending on the blood type.

Custode said that her blood type, Type O, responds better to a diet that includes red meat and so, after a lifetime of avoiding red meat, she has happily included it in her weight loss regimen.  

Custode continues to work out about five times a week, but now she feels she is finally seeing results from her efforts.

“I was killing myself at the gym and the pounds wouldn’t come off,” she said, adding the sessions with Mokhiber, about three times a week, have helped her lose a total of ten pounds.  

“I’m not really seeing the pounds come off, but I’m seeing inches come off,” she said.

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