Niagara Gazette

November 5, 2013

Marriage licenses published Sunday, Oct. 27

Staff Reports
Niagara Gazette


• Terry C. Radloff and Mark D. Babcock, Oct. 10

• Rhonda K. Richards and Susan M. Kiley, Oct. 10

• Janet L. Fons and Connie A. Talbot, Oct. 10

• Tommie J. Smith and Mary C. Biermann, Oct. 10

• Rodney L. Perkins and Richard D. Roberts, Oct. 10

• Sherri M. Miller and Kathryn E. Lively, Oct. 10

• Valeria Koshelska and Radu Parfeni, Oct. 10

• Vernon D. Jordon and Charles N. Baker, Oct. 10

• Matthew A. Shank and Anthony S. Contreras, Oct. 10

• Teresa L. Orie and Lorraine M. Peck, Oct. 10

• Dona M. Waechler and Thomas M. Breadon Sr., Oct. 10

• Joshua S. Bodie and Lindsey M. King, Oct. 10

• Allison M. Parker and Laurie A. Johnson, Oct. 10

• Debra A. Mars and Lauren E. Meyer, Oct. 11

• Jillian N. Wiszelaki and John A. Hulse, Oct. 11

• Cynthia B. Brush and David J. Franchino, Oct. 11

• Robert J. Graham and Daniel E. Campeau, Oct. 11

• Patricia A. Sexton and Jeremy S. Furber, Oct. 11

• Traci D. Reitano and Anne M. Engle, Oct. 11

• Yana Y. Jaffe and Alexander T. Cascioffee, Oct. 11

• Damin L. Martin and Christine L. Mazurowski, Oct. 12

• Stacy A. Phipps and Elizabeth A. Hotham, Oct. 13

• Brian J. Lyman and Nicholas A. Largan, Oct. 15

• Jessica L. Luebbert and Stony B. chambers Jr., Oct. 15

• Paul Bruce and James M. Kirwan, Oct. 15

• Clark J. Marion and Timothy M. Mabley, Oct. 15

• Barty J. Pinkham and Herbert W. Courtney Sr., Oct. 15

• Carla S. Miller and Christi L. Duncan, Oct. 15

• Rachel A.M. Rhodes and Robert R. Seefeldt, Oct. 15

• Chastity A. Lee and Dana L. Lollar, Oct. 15

• Michelle A. Dentier and Jeanee M. Dentler, Oct. 15

• Roger D. Majeske and Gregory A. Kimball Jr., Oct. 15

• Karl K. Dailey Jr. and Duane C. Wise, Oct. 15

• Amanda L. Dobrasz and Andrew D. Castilon, Oct. 15

• Jan S. Patterson and Lisa G. Blair, Oct. 15

• Douglas P. Paty and Phillip A. Dewilton, Oct. 15

• Jing Lin and Yan B. Chen, Oct. 16

• Belinda B. Patterson and Robert J. D’Alimonte, Oct. 16

• Danielle J. Hitsman and Sarah E. Falkowski, Oct. 16

• Lindsay M. Malfa and David J. Penale, Oct. 16