Niagara Gazette

September 30, 2013

Marriage licenses published Sunday, Sept. 29

Staff Reports
Niagara Gazette


• Timothy J. Brockhouse and Amanda A. Brinkmann, Sept. 12

• Charley A. Pavey and Shelby A. Wheatley, Sept. 12

• Edward C. Barnett and Gina M. Kiesinger, Sept. 12

• Kelly M. Martin and Francis J. Kujawa III, Sept. 12

• Karen L. O’Neal and Nada M. O’Neal, Sept. 12

• Melissa E. Rethlake and Audrey A. Whitacre, Sept. 12

• Sarah E. Garrett and Vicky J. Bushong, Sept. 12

• Ashley M. Keckovich and Jesse D. Wellen, Sept. 13

• Joan E. Von Lanken and Stephanie A. Unger, Sept. 13

• Robert A. Townsend and Amy L. Mald, Sept. 13

• Ricardo Garcia and Benjamin R. Jimenez, Sept. 13

• Megan E. Harris and Lucas M. Bronstine, Sept. 13

• Felicia A. Dixon and Argo N. Price Jr. Sept. 13

• Kelly R. Swart and Margret M. Shields, Sept. 13

• Kimberly J. Gravelle and Mark R. Scheer, Sept. 13

• Julie Ann Rojcewicz and Hrry B. Carrion, Sept.. 16

• Susanne Otto and Robert L. Borsche, Sept. 16

• Graham K. Knill and Christine Li, Sept. 16

• Keshia A. Prather and Julia V.L. Buescher, Sept. 17

• Charles H. Beasley and Michael A. Whitaker, Sept. 17

• Antoinette M. Maye and Toriano M. Streeter, Sept.. 17

• Robert E. Reilly Jr. and Julie A. Beck, Sept. 17

• Sara R. Umhauer and Kerry M. Hall, Sept. 17

• Hallie M. Munger and Elizabeth M. Lowen, Sept. 17

• Suzanne M. Davis and Lavell D. Stokes, Sept. 17

• Ashley N. Dixon and Brandon E. Morris, Sept. 18

• Bobi J. Speaker and Brandon M. Penque, Sept. 18

• Mary P. Forbes and Josephine M. Forbes, Sept. 18

• Major L. Clark S. and Jennifer L. Johnson, Sept. 18

• Amandajo Arlington and Mark G. Williams Jr., Sept. 18