Niagara Gazette

July 23, 2012

NEW BUSINESS: Aashram Hotel reaches out to families, corporate travelers

By Michele Deluca
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — It’s not an ashram, but the man who selected its name hopes people will get a sense of the location’s peacefulness.

The new Aashram Hotel by the Niagara River was opened recently on Buffalo Avenue near the North Grand Island bridge by a quartet   of business partners who own 22 hotels, most located in the Western New York area.

Jay Patel, the spokesman for the group, said when the four bought the former nursing home, he was struck by how peaceful the  area was, despite its location so close to the bridge. “An ashram has a peaceful feeling and I think the location has a really   peaceful feeling as well.”

The hotel is small compared to some of the group’s holdings. It only has 33 rooms. “It’s a small place so when people come we try to give them a vacation with a personal touch,” Patel said. Some of the other hotels the group owns include: The LaQuinta in Williamsville, the Best Western by the Buffalo Airport; and the Best Western Galleria in Cheektowaga.  

The most unique attribute of the hotel, Patel said is that half of the rooms have three beds in them, designed for large families   traveling together.

”The three-bed rooms are mainly because a lot of tourists come here with families, so it’s cheaper for them. Instead of paying   for three rooms, they only have to pay for one,” said Raj Patel, Jay’s brother and one of the other two partners. The other two partners in the business are Anil Dholakira and Dharmesh Patel.  

The hotel has already begun to attract visitors from China and India. The owners are also hoping to attract corporate travelers,  Raj said, noting that room rates are about $79 to $229.

The group also plans to build a Hampton Inn on Niagara Falls Boulevard near the exit to the 190, with construction slated to start before the end of the year.