Niagara Gazette

April 7, 2014

Clarendon Republican to challenge Maziarz

Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — A 24-year-old wife, mother and small business owner has declared her candidacy for the 62nd District state Senate seat and intends to challenge the incumbent, Sen. George Maziarz, for the Republican ballot line in this year’s election.

Gia DeGennaro-Arnold, a resident of Clarendon, a town near the Orleans-Monroe county border, already received the Monroe County Libertarian endorsement and will be running as a libertarian on a third party line.

Identifying herself as the state coordinator of New York Revolution, a NY-SAFE Act opposition group, in a September 2013 letter to the editor of The Journal-Register, DeGennaro-Arnold says her campaign platform consists of: protecting individual rights and freedoms including the Second Amendment; improving New York’s education system by means including ridding it of Common Core learning standards; reducing taxes; cutting costs of energy and fuel; and improving the business climate for new and existing businesses in the state.

DeGennaro-Arnold officially launched her candidacy March 22 at the Giacomo in Niagara Falls, accompanied by Carl Paladino and tea party affiliate Rus Thompson.

Asked why she would run, given her age and inexperience, she responded in a prepared statement: “Because I see no one else standing up to defend our children’s futures. We have a broken state for many reasons, and I will work tirelessly to fix it.”

“I have no experience raising taxes or giving into corruption and greed. I have no experience becoming a career politician,” she said. “I will not allow complacency, backroom deals, and special interests to override my integrity, as it seems many of our current officials, including our incumbent, have. I want to earn my district’s vote.”

DeGennaro-Arnold’s campaign website is