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July 4, 2013

Suspected Falls burglary caught trying to sell stolen items

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Falls police responding to a burglary on 70th Street Wednesday afternoon were able to quickly collar the suspect — after he went door-to-door nearby trying to sell the items.

Stanley R. Dikcis, 26, 6689 Walmore Road, Apt. 2, was charged with petit larceny, third-degree possession of stolen property, fourth-degree criminal mischief and second-degree burglary on Wednesday.

A resident on 70th Street said they arrived home about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday and spotted a man walking through their backyard with an angel blanket they owned with what appeared to be items underneath.

The resident went into the home, found a Playstation 3 gaming system and games missing and called police. A back door was also found kicked in.

While officers were interviewing the resident, calls came in of a suspicious man walking door-to-door nearby trying to sell a Playstation 3 and some games.

Dikcis was located at 63rd Street and Buffalo Avenue by police. He was positively identified by the resident.

While checking for further evidence, police found the angel blanket and a bottle of Harbor Mist on the side of a motel at 70th and Niagara Falls Boulevard.

While at the home, police said a neighbor told them he saw Dikcis walk up the victim's driveway and go into the backyard. The neighbor then heard a loud noise and saw Dikcis peek around the corner of the back of the house several times. He did not call police but he did try unsuccessfully to follow Dikcis when the resident arrived home and discovered the home was broken into.