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March 17, 2014

Deputy says menacing tow truck driver caught on camera in Youngstown

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A Niagara County Sheriff's deputy investigating a report of road rage Monday morning that escalated into a confrontation in a drug store parking lot arrested a tow truck driver after watching the incident thanks to the store's surveillance system.

Ryan D. Jackson, 36, 596 Lockport St., was charged with second-degree menacing.

Responding to the report of the road rage incident, the deputy first caught up with tow truck first and spoke with Jackson. He admitted the road rage incident had occurred but said no threats were made.

The deputy then drove to the other driver's residence. He said the incident started about 9 a.m. when he noticed Jackson tailgating him in his tow truck as they drove down Lockport Street. The driver said he pulled into the drug store parking lot and the two men exchanged unpleasantries. The driver said he then pulled into a parking spot, at which point Jackson pulled the tow truck up to the other driver's car perpendicular, not giving the driver any room to open his door.

The driver said Jackson then walked to the rear of his truck, grabbed a large rusty hook and length of chain and yelled, "I'm gonna (expletive) kill you!" The other driver stayed in his car and told Jackson he'd run him down if he didn't move. The driver said the two men yelled at each other some more and then Jackson got back into his tow truck and drove off.

The deputy checked with the store to see if there was surveillance footage of the incident and there was. It showed events unfolding as the driver had described.

When the deputy met up with Jackson again, Jackson said the incident had been a lapse of judgement and he was only defending himself from the other driver. The deputy informed Jackson the incident was caught on camera and he appeared to be the aggressor. He was then arrested.