Niagara Gazette

September 23, 2012

Spiritual counselor opens new shop in North Tonawanda

By Danielle Haynes
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — When Lockport resident Karen Naugle stopped in at new-age metaphysical center, Spiritually Rooted in Wilson a month ago, she expected to spend some time playing with proprietor Pamela Bruns’ foster kittens.

What she got instead was an impromptu spiritual reading from Bruns, a medium and spiritual counselor ordained through the Spiritualist Church.

“I started talking about abused animals and how bad I always felt (for them) and I wondered where I got my compassion,” Naugle said of the encounter.

She said Bruns started talking — almost uncontrollably.

“She said, ‘your grandfather said you got it from him ... he’s right behind you.’ I just burst into tears, and then she started rattling things off she wouldn’t have any way of knowing,” Naugle said.

Naugle said she had no intention of having a reading done by Bruns when she visited the shop — which has expanded to a second location at 90 Webster St. in North Tonawanda — but she’s glad she did. In fact, Naugle said she had no idea Bruns was even a medium.

“Once I realized that she was talking to my grandfather it just hit me like a ton of bricks and I was all of a sudden in this spiritual world,” Naugle said. “I finally found out who in the family I took after.”

Spiritual reading are just one of the many services Brun offers at the shop. She also provides healings and pet readings, and it’s not just something she’s decided to do on a whim. Bruns has the education and degrees to back it up.

She has a bachelors degree in communication and psychology from Canisius College, as well as a bachelors and masters in metaphysics at the University of Metaphysics in Sedona, Ariz., a masters in executive leadership and development from Daemon College, and a PhD in pastoral counseling and psychology. She received formal medium and spiritual training at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale.

Until about six months ago, Bruns ran her own business consulting company for seven years where she was a self-proclaimed closet medium, using her reading talents only very subtly.

“I had always been afraid that if my corporate clients found out I was doing this medium stuff, they would be” put off, she said. “But the reality of it is that’s why I was successful and that’s why they were successful, because I taught them to use their gut. I would say, ‘this is not a good deal even though on paper it might look good.’ “

But Brun said she found the consulting business to be spiritually unfulfilling, and opened up her seasonal shop in Wilson in January.

By ditching her “day job,” Bruns also found the time to pursue another of her passions: animals. So she ran for a position and was elected to the newly reformed SPCA of Niagara board of directors.

“It’s time to make a difference and not a dollar,” Bruns said of her mindset at the time.

Part of this change in her outlook on life includes providing drum circle classes and sessions, meditation classes, reflexology classes, intuitive development circles and a variety of seminars at the North Tonawanda location of Spiritually Rooted.

The readings, though, are her primary service.

“I tap into (customers’) energy and talk to their spirit guides or their loved ones, whoever comes through. A lot of times (the spirits) will give you future information, it just depends. My goal is not to give you your future, my goal is to help you, to heal you,” Bruns said.

Bruns tries to know as little about her clients as possible before they come in for a reading, not only to prove she didn’t do Internet research ahead of time, but also for her own benefit.

“It’s easier for me ... I prefer not to know anything, that way my judgement doesn’t get involved,” she said. Naugle said she would encourage others to visit Bruns for a reading, even those who may be skeptical of her abilities.

“I’ve been to psychics before who just generalized, but I’ve never been to anyone before who knew specifics,” Naugle said. “I think there are a lot of gifted people here, like Pam.”

IF YOU GO • WHAT: Spiritually Rooted • WHERE: 90 Webster St., North Tonawanda