Niagara Gazette

December 8, 2013

Mother of child burn victims begins effort to help others

By Timothy Chipp
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Amy Hosler knows what it’s like to pick up life and take off in an emergency situation.

This past September, she visited a Falls restaurant with two of her three children, Daniel, 4, and Joseph, 2, when an accident happened. Suddenly she was rushing her children to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center to treat burns to both of her children.

It turned out they couldn’t help her and she was on her way to Children’s Hospital in Buffalo via ambulance. She found out they couldn’t help her either and without any notice, she ended up airlifted to Shriners Children’s Hospital in Cincinnati, minus even an overnight bag.

It was a struggle, she said, but she survived. It changed her, too. She gained an appreciation for the people who find themselves in strange cities without even a change of clothes because they’re with their sick or injured children.

So she did something about it.

“While at the hospital, I realized there were a lot of parents there that also had sad stories,” she said. “So I designed a T-shirt.”

Those shirts are orange, adorned with a pentagon familiar to superhero fans. Inside are the letters “SP,” which carries a special message Hosler said is related to the reason for their creation in the first place.

“It stands for Super Parent,” she said. “The back of the shirts have sayings parents in this situation would be familiar with.”

They’re on sale for $15 apiece online at It’s part of a campaign she’s started to help these parents make do with the situations they’ve found themselves in.

The way it works is simple and works similar to a donation to these numerous parents, especially if the purchaser doesn’t exactly want an orange shirt.

“When you buy, you can choose to buy one or you can send one to the hospital for a parent to have,” she said. “They get airlifted in with their kids and often don’t have clothes to wear. At the same time, whatever money I do raise extra I’ll use to buy more shirts for the parents.”

Despite her trying time, Hosler said everything is working out for her and her family. Daniel is still suffering the effects of his burns after undergoing skin grafts to help in healing. She said he’s still burned on 25 percent of his body, but feeling better. Her other son, Joseph, who recently celebrated his third birthday, is still 10 percent burned as a result.

While everything was happening, though, her 7-year-old daughter was a rock, she said. While staying in town to continue attending school, she was recently honored during the Falls City School District’s Breakfast of Champions event, focused on honoring achievement among the best students.

As far as the restaurant where this all began, she said she holds no ill-will. 

“The restaurant is good,” she said

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