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December 26, 2013

Niagara Pet Food Pantry now making deliveries

Staff Report
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Niagara Gazette — This time of year we tend to pay special attentions to families who may be in need, but sometimes those families include members one might not usually think of at first.

Thanks to the Niagara Pet Food Pantry, some of those animals are getting the extra help they need, not only during the holidays, but all year round.  

Paulette Coty-D’Antuono, who runs the pet pantry, says she’s taking up a new project. She is now delivering to people with pets who are for whatever reason unable to leave the house, such as seniors or disabled veterans.

“I’m taking a big step with the shut-ins,” she said. “All the money for the deliveries comes out of pocket or from donations. I package the food and take it to them myself.”

So far, she has 25 people that she assists in home pet food deliveries. She the pet pantry is considered a private project, Coty-D’Antuono says the operation runs solely on donations or on money from her own pocket.

Aside from the deliveries, Coty-D’Antuono also provides cat and dog food to low-income an unemployed people from all 15 communities in Niagara County. The Niagara Pet Food Pantry is located at 8600 Buffalo Ave.

The room the pet panty is located in was given to her by Chuck and Lynn Siegfried who, at the time, were complete strangers. Coty-D’Antuono credits them with her ability to continue serving Niagara County pets.

While the pantry is mostly geared at Niagara County, Coty-D’Antuono says that no one is turned away. She said she recently served a pet owner from Buffalo.

“No one is refused no as long as there is food,” she said. “Especially this time of year food is low and the new project won’t go forward if I don’t get help from the public. I will always appreciate any donations, food or monetary.”

She added that even the smallest bit of pocket change helps and those who are able to feed their pets thanks to Coty-D’Antuono’s service often leave in tears because they are so grateful.

The Niagara Pet Food Pantry is always accepting help from volunteers to assist with deliveries. Anyone interested in getting involved can contact Coty-D’Antuono at

“Going into the new year hope to get bigger and better,” she said. “But we cannot do that without help from animal lovers and those who stand behind animals.”



TO HELP The Niagara Pet Food Pantry is always accepting donations or help from volunteers to assist with deliveries. Contact Paulette Coty-D'Antuono at