Niagara Gazette

January 24, 2014

HAMILTON: The silent life of our unprincipled laws

By Ken Hamilton
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Now hear this, I believe in the right of educated women and men to do what they think is in the best interests of their bodies, however, my objection is with what either sex does with the body of another.

I suppose that such is fair, and is something of which most everyone could, through compromise or consensus, agree.

But did you hear anything about the 41st March for Life that took place in Washington this week? Thousands upon thousands of pro-life marchers, most of them Catholics, and all of them mislabeled as anti-abortionist, gathered in the nation’s capital and, in essence, were trying to assist the city of Niagara Falls.

Are you surprised?

One of our officials told me that there isn’t a wrong thing in our city that we cannot fix if only we had more people. He and I argued the point, with my position being that most of the people who now come are the same people who create many of the problems that we now face. The city official agreed.

Because it is not our fault, there then must be something seriously wrong with those people in Washington, right?

Well, I am not talking about the marchers, I am talking about the lawmakers; the lawmakers who make capricious laws that say that if you tamper in the nest of an unborn bird, say, an eagle, then you are guilty of a crime; or if in the taking of the life of a pregnant woman, even if she was on the way to the, well, women health center, to dispose of the child that she was carrying, the perpetrator is guilty of a double homicide if the so-called non-child living inside of her should also perish. In this era of women’s and equal rights, is the life of a bird more important than the life of the unborn child; and does the right of a woman to decide what to do with her post-conception body supersede the right of the child that she carries? 

It does in Washington, and that is why it is so difficult to follow the law – there are no longer any fundamental principles by which to attach the intent of the law; therefore we become unprincipled people that elect unprincipled leaders.

How is it that Washington Pro-Life Marchers are trying to improve Niagara Falls, and all other communities in America?

Here’s how. According to the NYS Department of Health, Niagara County had 760 induced abortions in its most recent year of reports. Our city, once half of the county’s population, is now roughly 25 percent; which, by raw numbers, means that there were 177 Niagarans not born that year, a number that far exceeds our homicide rate.

But factor in this: 175 of those abortions in Niagara County were by black women. 

The Department of Health doesn’t say from which cities those women come, and we know that we cannot impute that only two white women in the city aborted their babies. However, with roughly 15,000 blacks living in the county, and of that number roughly 11,000 (5,700 being women) lives in Niagara Falls, it suggests that roughly 75 percent, or 133- black babies, were deemed less valuable to society than was a single eagle. 

Now do you still wonder why most of the people in the courthouse that sit on the prosecuted side of the bench look like us, and almost all of those who don’t are on the other side?

At the same time that Time Magazine’s Man of the Year regaled the marchers as doing something noble — Pope Francis; another one-time Man of the Year, himself half-black, insisted that we hold the course on abortions, President Obama.

And as for a woman having the right to do with her body as she sees fit; I wonder if Hillary Clinton, a woman, should win the presidency during a time when only men are conscripted to register and enlist, then would men then have the right to decide what they do with their bodies, declining to register, fight and die?

Unfortunately, our unprincipled laws are guided by a voice that is even more silent that the cries of the unborn babies. As sadly, so are our futures.

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