Niagara Gazette

March 14, 2013

HAMILTON: Love our children 'Moore' than hate for NRA

By Ken Hamilton
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Self-proclaimed, extreme left wing, loud mouthed Michael Moore want the First Amendment press to print up-close, graphic photographs taken of the victims of the Sandy Hook Massacre. According to reports, he believes that the printing of such would cause such public clamor that it would put an end to the National Rifle Association, who broadly represents Second Amendment proponents.

Given that most of the victims at Sandy Hook were children, it is not a great leap to see that Moore obviously thinks less of both the children’s demise and how the parents might feel about seeing their broken loved ones spattered all over the news, and more about his hatred of the NRA.

Once a fellow was asked about when he thought that the Arab-Israeli Mid-East situation would be solved, and he said, “When they love their children more than the hate their enemies.”

That man’s words apply to so many situations, and not just the Arabs and Israelis.

But Moore, and others may never come to that realization; after all, he has made millions on getting one side to hate the other — so then, why not use children, that are not his, as photographic weapons?

The issue in this nation is not gun control, as demonstrated by the localities that have the strictest gun control are also the localities that have the most gun-related murders. The communities that genuinely have the most love for each other are also the communities that have the lowest of any kinds of crime.

The aforementioned is affirmed by those who want the United States to be more like their misperception of the Kumbayah countries of Europe, a platitude that by the very nature of what the United States is cannot happen — unless.

The population of Europe (not counting Russia and its recently severed Union of Soviet Socialist states) is roughly twice that of the United States, and its legendary border wars have largely been premised upon the various ethnicities of its forty-four or so nations. The Balkan Wars of the former Yugoslavia demonstrated such, whereas the former republics convalesced back to their ethnic boundaries, despite the relative prosperity that they were having when operating as one. Because each ethnic nation had a level of distrust of the other, they manifested their hatred externally; therefore, they were better able to love each other internally as to not go around shooting each other.

But the very foundation of the success of this nation is based in the individual and unifying freedom of its states and the rights of its diverse individuals. Therefore, those like Moore who are willing to get one group of Americans to hate the other the other group are the ones who can attain the successive internal power they desire. That hatred drives them, and it causes one American to hate another. But are we going to be stupid enough to let the Moores of the world cause us to hate our neighbors, or those Americans whom we have never met?

There is no question that there needs to be balance in the differing value-based views of those on the right and those on the left. But the truth is that the NRA is no more on the right for its stand on the Second Amendment than are those on the left who believe in the freedoms of the press, speech and religion. Even the so-called left believes in the right of individuals’ self-protection, and those on the so-called right believe in the First Amendment. Our failure comes when we let the Michael Moores of America, be they self-proclaimed left or right, tell us who and what we are, and what we ought to believe without thinking.

Moore is wrong, and we really need less of him and his kind. They need to get the message that we love all of our children more than we hate those whom he hates — and we keep America stronger than his evil efforts to destroy us.

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