Niagara Gazette

December 29, 2012

LETTERS FROM THE ISLAND: Rhyming through the year 2012

By Doug and Polly Smith
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — As now we bid farewell to ‘12,

Into such sadness do we delve


A weeping nation wond’ring what

Caused horror in Connecticut


Had not yet even cleared the last

Of mis’ry wrought by Sandy’s blast


Farewell to our beloved “Bro,”

Showed thousands how to do a show


Cat Casey left midst many tears:

Our furry playmate, 18 years


Doctor, heading home from drinking,

Hit girl; said he’d not an inkling


Retribution widely prayed for;

He got justice that he paid for.


Much debating concerned whether

Tightrope guy would wear a tether


Safely trussed, did Nik Wallenda

Turn Falls into hacienda


The nation voted for Barack,

Though GOP said “that’s a crock.”


Paetreus touched off scandal storm

For conduct out of uniform


In skirmish with biographor,

He redefined “the fog of war.”


Sabres boosters feel depleted;

Solace: team is undefeated


As for Bills, we cry “no more”

While other teams roll up the score


Like Mayans, Mets see end of days

While Bisons hook up with the Jays


Viking baseball gathered glory,

Reached States; only part of story


In playoff game, coach defined pride;

Used substitute whose Dad just died


Girls basketball won Section VI,

And almost foiled Rochester’s tricks.

Isle events were much less tragic,

Mural appeared, as if by magic


‘though project was conceived in haste,

It demonstrated our great Taste


Tim Horton’s, goodness, now we’ve two!

And Riverstone resurfaced, too.


Thruway showed its disdain of us,

Shutting down our walk-in office


The Queen enjoyed her Jubilee;

But others won’t the New Year see.


Mrs. Pinkow, we’ll be missing;

Richard Dawson, king of kissing;


Andrew Breitbart, blogging writer;

Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheiter;


Andy Griffith, pope of rural;

Thom Kincade, sketched light in mural


Heav’nly hosts now taking dibs

On Dave Brubeck and “Beejay” Gibbs


While his aide awaits inferno,

Time ran out for Joe Paterno;


Nora Ephron, screenwriting star,

And natural causes claimed “J.R.”


Isle lost Jackie LaMancuso;

64 years since wedding trousseau


For four years husband did his best,

‘til she was granted better rest


Bob Beach, his “Liz,” now beside her;

Actor, joker, easy rider


As New Year comes we wonder if

We’ll totter over fiscal cliff


Can optimism be foreseen

For any year that ends “‘13”?


Where once we hailed an Arab spring,

What fiery fruits its plantings bring.


Best to follow Newtown’s lead,

Bow our heads, for mercy plead


The recent news has made us humbler,

And hope ‘13’s a better number.


So as this year closes its door,

We hope we’ll see you in 1-4.


And do not fear us two to bug,

Come visit, Polly and Doug

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