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April 12, 2014

LETTERS FROM THE ISLAND: Chronicling crime on the 'Island'

By Doug and Polly Smith
Niagara Gazette

Niagara Gazette — Dear Mainland Criminologists — Why is Rick Pfeiffer never around when you need him? The guy whose cubicle we shared during the Koop-Jasen-Rice era at Channel 4 now carefully chronicles criminals for the Gazette, notably those a few flakes short of Raisin Bran, but his crime wave is a mere ripple compared to ours. Some recent police calls, addresses omitted to protect the overly sensitive.

• Feb. 6 – A complainant stated it looked like there was a fire on the bicycle path behind his apartment. Deputies investigated and determined the orange glow to be from a flood light. Yeah, we’re so poor over here we can afford only an orange-light district.

• Feb. 15 – A complainant stated that a male subject was on a porch and yelling for unknown reason. Deputies located the subject, who stated he was yelling at a nearby barking dog.” Right. Nothing quiets a noisy dog like hollering at it.

March 28 – A complainant stated that a bottle filled with a suspicious liquid was sitting on the side of the road. Deputies determined that the bottle was filled with a normal drinking fluid. And at what stage of digestion? And which rookie had to make this determination? Puts a different slant on “drew the short straw.”

 Feb. 3 - A complainant stated that a suspicious male subject was loitering on the premise of a restaurant and appears to have a hospital bracelet on. Deputies located the subject and it was determined that he was waiting for the bus. That’s the way we do it over here. Straight from Mighty Taco to Intensive Care.

And, finally:

• March 8 – A complainant stated that kids in the neighborhood were repeatedly putting a basketball net in the street. Horrors, serial hoopsters! It’s the end of civilization as we know it. Young folks outdoors, interacting and exercising? Can this be a gateway to, like, going to the playground?

Seriously, this one really got our goat. The street involved is a quiet dead-end in a $275,000 neighborhood. Nobody there should drive faster than walking speed. What on EARTH is the matter with some kids throwing up a net and playing, then scattering at the arrival of occasional traffic?

There may be something more going on, maybe bad blood among neighbors, or maybe a kid was rude, what do we know? But it just seems terrible. We’ve got a bunch of active teens on a fairly busy street around the corner and they’ve ALWAYS got some sort of pavement game going on, one always assigned to sound the alert when autos approach, not to mention two tan mutts yapping through the picture window. We’d rather watch them than the Sabres. Speaking of cruel and unusual punishment …

Anyway, come visit. Bring a warrant.

Polly and Doug SmithE-mail

Polly and Doug E-mail